I just got out of a 7 day staff retreat. I feel so fortunate to work/ will have worked for an organization that pays you to go on retreat.

In the mornings we would practice. In the afternoon we would go on “tracks” of a particular subject. There were a variety of options to choose from: food videos, martial arts, line dancing, an open art space, more practice, outdoor activities. I’m sure I’m missing at least 1.

I chose the food videos track. It just totally blew me away. I feel like I now have a legitimate reason for being as picky as I am with food. The food industry is cray-cray.

I wish everyone could watch the 5 food videos I watched. Luckily, I was able to find at least one of those movies for free online. Check it:

This one was ok, but the 2 I would recommend to anyone who is looking to educate themselves on where our food comes from are Food Inc. and In Organic We Trust. Its a shame these informative videos aren’t free.

It really hit close to home being able to be in this group and see how passionate I am about food. I feel like food is central to how we feel about ourselves as individuals, how it pulls us together as families, communities, and societies. Our food system is so sick.

The politics behind food is appalling. Its sick. I really feel everyone should  know where their food comes. Its irresponsible not to, what ever the consumer choice may be.

We also had a formal end of retreat banquet and dance party.

This video showed up on my youtube front page. Holy Padma!

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