Saying goodbye

During the last few weeks at SMC, I am constantly being drawn back into what more can be done to further the success of this organization. I feel like there are still many projects to follow up on and maintain. I wonder who will maintain the projects I oversee and their competency in maintaining these projects.

There is a personal vested interest in seeing enlightened society manifest.

I met with my MI (Meditation Instructor) today. I felt such deep appreciation that she found time to meet with me. Its rare that I meet with her, so when we do, the conversation is always so rich and filled of gumption.

I suppose she also has a personal vested interest in seeing enlightened society manifest. 🙂

“Be Present.” That was kind of what I took away from our meeting. That was said (necessarily) more than anything else.

Guilt for leaving. That was certainly a theme that’s come up in my practice the past few weeks.

I felt a sense of relief when I was told something along the lines of “If you cant change it, its not your responsibility…” or something practical to that effect.

I wanted to respond “but what if I can change it.”, but I didn’t. It just felt nice to be able not feel guilt for leaving for a little while.

I was having a conversation with my good friend Oliver recently. We were talking about TED talks concerning the great political divide.




They talk about Liberal and Conservative values being different and how to work with others having different values than your own. I feel talks like this will become more important as we venture further into the Trump presidency.

How can we find a peaceful solution to the crazy shit that is happening?

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