Tony Danza

I gave Tony away today to a fellow SMC’er.

Yesterday I took him to the Elkhorn Creek trail head to play among the boulders.

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Its really incredible living out here among the trees and rocks.

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There are said to be a number of energetic entities living here, among them, sentinels, watchers, and animals.

It was a beautiful and sad event taking Tony out to the trail head for the last time. I wonder if it wasn’t how a parent feels when their kid leaves home for college.

There remains a week and a half before my flight back to Texas.

Coming up soon…

Sara and My goodbye dance party tomorrow – theme: alien sparkle

3 day solitary retreat next week- theme: tonglen

I got some wonderful news today. I will be able to continue my work as the lodging specialist for SMC as I travel. The role has to do with analyzing SMC’s occupancy rate and finding ways to reduce vacancies. Personally I feel like the organization should work on getting closer to nature in terms of our food situation. I feel like this would have many implications, including having favorable marketing potential. I suppose this is a microcosm for the nation in that the US could tackle many of its problems if we fix our food problem.




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