After France, I headed to England to visit some old friends.


I took a boat across the English Channel and landed/ stayed in Plymouth for 2 days. The day I traveled was pretty hectic. It was an all day venture that included buses,  a boat, and short times to get from one place to another. Upon landing in Plymouth, I hurried to be the first one through customs, so I could hit the ATM, buy something at a convenience store, in order to have change for the bus, which I needed to meet shortly after my boat landed. I was late to meet at the designated pick up time, but luckily so was the bus driver. It was rainy and the next bus wasn’t for another 2.5 hours so I was relieved when I saw the bus coming, breathing heavily at the bus stop. I arrived at a dark bus stop down in the outskirts of town. There seemed to be no sidewalks here! As soon as I got off the bus, a girl in a neon safety vest greeted  me. It was my couchsurfing host, Paula, who was cheerful with a timely arrival.

It was really lovely meeting Paula and sharing meals and stories together. Although we stayed together only 2 days, I felt like it was a solid connection. She is a recently new yoga teacher too.

While in Plymouth, I met up with an old couchsurfing host I had met about 8 year previous, Harry. We went over to Dartmoor, a nearby moor. It was lovely to catch up. Dartmoor is amazing. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. A wild horse came up to us looking for food.

After Plymouth, I headed over to Hereford to see/ stay with an old couchsurfing friend/ host, Will. This part of my trip was much anticipated. As the bus pulled in closer to Hereford, the sun’s rays illuminated the clouds in 360 degrees.


The last I visited him, pasted a life changing experience that sent me home after having traveled around the world for 3 years. It was ultimately the catalyst that placed me at the entrance to the path of meditation.

Will is the most intriguing person. He sparks inspiration in the people around him to take closer looks at the designs in nature around. He also makes wind sculptors. He lives on a farm and has an eclectically designed welding workshop. I was able to learn some welding basics and make a cup shelf!

If I’ve ever wandered through a God realm, this would have been it. However, I felt like the visit here was invaluable.

I also had the chance to look around Hereford. It was good. There’s a big Cathedral in the center.




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