After La Gree Suzanne, I headed for Quemeneven, a village north of Quimper, in West France, to do another workaway.

My host was Camilla is a young and accomplished lady. Her two kids, Chun and Artus, and her partner, Gildas, live with her.

She is a landscaper by trade. She has a company, paysagesvivants,  that specializes in installing pools that clean the house wastewater. The waste-water is ejected into these pools and through the use of sand, clay, and various plants, the water is cleaned and able to be recycled.

She also makes natural swimming pools using the same plants and collected rain water.

Her house is amazing. Camilla built it herself with natural elements like straw, wood, and a pulverized rock resembling concrete. The house has a green house, a large garden, an orchard, a bamboo forest, and a japanese garden. There are a variety of animals on the property including chickens, a sheep, and a new kitten. The house uses solar panels to create its electricity, rainwater, for all non-potable water uses, and my favorite, dry toilets. I LOVE dry toilets. I think the use of our standard toilets is such an irresponsible waste of water that introduces complexity for how we deal with our shit. Furthermore, it makes the individual understand the necessity of permaculture, closing the loop on how we make use of our waste in the self-sustaining loop.

There is an element of community about the house. The house was built with help from friends and other ´workaway´type people. There are often people in the house. While there, I met other members of her family, some airbnb-ers, family friends, and another workaway-type person, Sandra.

One weekend, Sandra took me to this magical hobbit housing commity, Kerterre, in a village by sea, to the south of here named, Plomeur. This place hosts workshops that show people how to make their own dome-houses using natural materials. It was a surreal weekend.

I also had a look around Quimper for a few hours.

These two weeks, I worked mostly in the garden. I worked a lot with bamboo, which I absolutely love. I was thinking about one of my favorite Ted talks about bamboo houses.

Themes of community and permaculture were highlighted in these past two weeks. While doing my workaway, I was interviewed by a newspaper reporter from Quimper on these subjects and how they relate to workaway.


Check out a short clip on projections from our friends at the Awake Network:


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