Last days in Thailand

After my massage class finished, I stayed in Chiang Mai for a few days to do some additional practice.

The day before I left the city, I went out to the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon to cliff jump with a hostel friend and a classmate, Tao.

Here’s Tao demonstrating the incorrect way to dive from a high place into water.

After Chiang Mai, I headed to Pai in hopes of learning some additional poi techniques at the “famous circus hostel”. The hostel was lame and didn’t offer what it advertised so I went to another hostel that had more space and was a bit more reclusive to do some solo training.

I headed to bangkok a day before my flight out. The night before I was to leave, I went in search of masaman curry (my newest food obsession). As I was wandering the streets  looking for the perfect restaurant combination of not-too-touristy, moderate price range, and looking like it’d be good, I stopped to notice my goal oriented mind and the tension it brought to my brain. I took a breath, appreciated where I was without having to be somewhere else or obtain something, and looked across the street and like ordinary magic… there it was…. a quaint rasta looking restaurant with loads of plants covering the entrance and a sign reading “home made masaman curry”. Glory and eureka!

While in the restaurant, I was being served by a mute man. It reminded me of the good fortune I have to be able to speak and to communicate via spoken words relatively easily.

I appreciate my time in Thailand. It has been so good to me.






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