Business as usual

These past 2 weeks have been pretty routine, going to class, socializing with classmates, and having excellent food daily.

My last day of class was Saturday. It was sad saying goodbye to Watpo, my massage school, and my amazing teacher, Nuy.

I took a month long intensive course. Most students will come to study for a week or two, so about every week, I was seeing a fresh group of new faces. Its wonderful to meet like minded people from around the world and study…. and play 🙂

Food continues to be great!

Its been good to be stationary for this amount of time. Its allowed me to have a morning routine and to have space to work on some collaging.

I’m heading out soon, so I moved out of my month room rental and back into a hostel. That’s Kikie making dinner for some of the hostel residents last night. IMG_25600506_185928

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Chiang Mai. Its easy to see how people come and end up staying for years.

Headed for Chiang Rai next.



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