Departure and Arrival

My final days in Texas were spent visiting long lost family in Houston. It was really wonderful reconnecting with my Aunt Margaret, such a sensible lady, and meeting my 2 first cousins once removed.

After a 28 hour-twilight-zone journey, I arrived in Bangkok greeted by beauty advertisements (including men’s foundation), sweltering humidity, and warnings of not screwing around with the Buddha image.


I thought I would be in and out of the city but actually, it has been quite an accommodating landing spot; cheap hostel, delicious cheap food, and plenty to keep a tourist busy.

Actually, I stopped trying to correct my jet lag almost immediately and have since taken to napping in the afternoon, in the midst of the energy sponging humidity, plus there’s so much happening at night, why make attempts at sleeping early?

Upon arrival in the backpacker district, the infamous Koh San road, I had a quick look around and found my landing spot. A private room with fan and shared bath for $6 a night. Cheap and simple, a perfect combination for resting up and figuring out my next step. AC here is a luxury costing 30% – 50% more.


I dropped my stuff and immediately searched for food ending in glory, Pad Thai for $1.50. I was so grateful to not eat crappy airplane food.

One of my favorite things about Thailand and one of the reasons I chose to start my journey here is the amazing inexpensive food.

My body feels rejuvenated and not stressed out from the exertion and expense to have these nourishing foods. In less than a 5 min walk out my door, I can find young coconuts, fresh mango, fresh watermelon, fresh squeezed orange juice, BBQ bananas, and lots more. I feel like my body is in some kind of joyous sober trip. How long was I in the States for?

There are also more novel foods. (Yes, those are scorpions)


I love that just down the road is a temple I can go and sit at in the mornings.



I’ve decided to go to Laos for my climbing get away.

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