Texas Bardo 2

After hanging out with my my dad and brother at the island, I spent most of the following 2 weeks hanging out with my mom and sister.

The time spent with my sister was normally over drinks. We also crossed the border to Progresso one day to have tacos (and more drinks).


The time spend with my mom was usually at her bedside or at her most frequented destinations, Walmart and Dollar tree.


I had a chance to catch up with my mom’s family over lunch one day. That was nice.


One of our last nights together, was spent back at the island.

I spent the last evening in the valley with my siblings.


My good friend, Debbie, from high school was in town at the same time I was. We had dinner and went to this awful thriller suspense movie with themes touching on racism in America now. I find the commonplace of violence in our entertainment distressing. It’s sick and largely unrecognized as a societal influence. Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to these psychological states?


I also had a chance to meet up with a small group of other high schools friends who also happened to be in the valley. We talked about our passions now and what drives us in life. Common themes of ecological activism, family, civil rights, mortality, and travel came up. I love having these check-ins with friends throughout life to see where/how they are and how they work with living in Samsara. Its inspiring.

Overall, the experience of being back in the valley and spending time with my family was rich and heart breaking. Saying goodbye to them individually, not knowing when I will see them again, are momentary glimpses of death, powerful.

I find I resent this place less and less each time I go back to visit. The vastness of its space with all its content, its basically good.




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