Back in Texas

My flight home took about 36 hours. I had a 19 hour layover in Atlanta. Atlanta is spacious. Things are big. The environment seems accommodating but with a sense of old energy. The metro made traveling to the city center easy. The metro had a 70s retro design, with large beige seats. The people were courteous. I stopped by to have lunch at Mary Mac’s, a southern dining restaurant, where the dishes where smothered in butter, cheese, and gluten. It was good but my body felt regret after leaving.

I arrived in San Antonio a few days after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. It was an odd atmosphere upon arrival. Things are always kind of weird in Texas. Soon after arriving in San Antonio, I headed south to the valley. My landing in Texas didn’t fully hit me till I made it down to the valley. This is the land of cheap gas, open roads, parking lots, strip malls, churches posting religious propaganda, and beautiful sunsets.

It was all a bit surreal to be back here after the past 5 months and planning the new chapter of my life here using the tools/ knowledge I brought back with me. I have to say, with each return back to Texas I dislike it less and less. I feel fortunate to have this as my working ground. I feel like being here is a worthy challenge. Like this is the bag of lemons life gave me, and now I have a large recipe book on what to do with a lot of lemons. Well actually, lemons are quite nice, I’d say its more like a bag of GMO key limes, with lots of seeds and hardly any juice.  Never-the-less, it’s a new day… Tally-ho!

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