Starting at the end

This adventure begins as my adventure at Shambhala Mountain Center comes to an end.

I have a little more than a month before I leave this magic land and head over to Texas where I will stop by to visit my family before heading off Thailand.

I’ve been reading up on the 12 nidanas in Indestructible Truth:

“The preceding raises an important question: are we as human beings condemned to move from the karmic-result nidanas, three through seven, to the karma-producing nidanas, eight through ten? Must we always be engaged in creating karma, whether negative or positive? The answer is no. Between nidanas seven and eight, there is a gap in the process of ego. Between feeling, the final karmic-result nidana, and thirst, the first karma-producing nidana, there is an open space. There is no inevitability here and no predetermination. Here is the point at which we have freedom. Whether one takes the next step to thirst really is a matter of choice, though it is a step we habitually take without acknowledging that choice was present. Why do we do so? Because it is more comfortable and less painful , more robust and fortifying to our sense of ego, to ignore the gap. Like the Pied Piper’s rats, it is easier to run with the pack, on to nidanas eight, nine, and ten.” -Reggie Ray

I’ve been contemplating that moment when a craving either remains a static situation or when it starts to become acted upon and pursued. I feel like this moment is at the heart of so much hesitation.What are your thoughts?


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