Formula for Cheap Airfare


Big city to big city + 3 months out + Tuesdays= Cheap airfare

I have spent more than 5 years traveling around world. The formula for cheap airfare above is one I use all the time in securing cheap airfare.

Fly big city to city

Recently I was looking for my one way ticket to Thailand. I will be in Texas at the time of my departure, but I still looked at flights to Bangkok from LA and New York. These are always good starting airports to check as is Dallas. Lots of times, the money you will spend to get yourself to this big city from where you are now will most likely be a fraction of what you would pay if you chose to travel from your local airport directly to your destination. I was able to find a one way from Houston to Bangkok for $358 using this formula for cheap airfare.

Shop 3 months out

If you know you plan to fly months out, then book your ticket 3 months out. I have found that it really isn’t necessary to book further in advance than this as prices will typically not reduce further than what they would as if you bought them 3 months out.

Book on a Tuesday

Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly. Wednesdays are often times just as cheap as Tuesdays.